No Time For Waste

During Corona, Vicky had to photograph many products for e-commerce companies, and she saw the packaging of delivered products growing into a mountain of waste. Vicky decided to photograph 14 children aged 0-21 dressed in a particular package material to raise awareness of the growing waste issue.

During the photo shoots, Vicky asked the (older) children to express a facial appearance reflecting their beliefs and feelings about the growing waste problem. The photos make it clear: there is No Time For Waste!

Two photos from No Time for Waste wereselected to exhibit in the well-known museum Singer in Laren (NL). If you are interested, please let me know by sending a message to


Pien, 2 weeks old

Cry for Help in Packaging Air Cushioning

Jip, 2 Years old

Do Moths Like Packaging Air Cushions?????

Isabel 3 years old

It is Raining Shredded Paper

Oliver, 4 years old

Oh No, It is Raining Loose Fill Chips

Kai, 7 years old

In A World Full with Cell Aire Foam Pouches, Lives no mouse.....

Twins Isabella And Lilly 10 years old

Where Can we Buy Flowers Without Shrink Film Wraps??? 

Tjibbe 13 years old

Are we Wrapping the World with Packiaging Air Cushioning, What Would it Be, if it Was the Other Way Around???

Close up Sterre with Fruit and Vegetable Nets

Siebe 15 years old

Gone Fishing...........(in Green Packaging Air Cushioning)

Isabel 21 Years old

Dear People, Next time, no need for a net for a Christmasstree!?

Olivia 5 years old

Help this Dragon Packing Paper is  haunting me!

Bente, 6 years old

I Don't Get It... .. Vegetables do not grow in Plastic!!!!!

Nikki Fay, 9 years old

Saving Trees is Saving Bird Nests, So Simple is That!

Floris 12 years old

Have to Save This Fish from This Plastic (Cushion ) Ocean!

Sterre 14 years old

Nets for Fruit and Vegetables... I can Catch Them Without!!

Jules 16 years old

Climate changes, More Fires too... Recycle is Key!

Saron 17 years old

What The World Needs Now....... Trees and Flowers (Shredded Paper, let us be carefull with that too)


Worrying About the Earths Future with All this .......