Vicky Keulen, (NL 1967) has, since childhood, a fascination for old photo's. Each photo is a moment in time, it makes time stand still and can mean the world to you. She started about 30 years ago at the School of Photography where she got her skills and since then never lost her passion for photography. With a creative an open mind she discovers beauty in each person and in the world around her. Vicky  likes to open your eyes. Her goal is to make people happy and help companies to show their identity with her photography.






Clients: Avery Denisson, Aces, CBRE, El Qatarijne, Hamdorff, YER Solutions, WCC Smart Search &Match, La Cucina B.V.,  Mediajunkies, Bureau Blaauw, Bauer Basics, Kasblou BeleggingenB.V., Kunstboutique, Happy Professionals, Soulful rebels, Hotel Gooiland, Theater Gooiland, Art Gallery Laren, Be Smooth, Bureau MorBidee,, Imitch, Aces International, MedCos, Tandheelkunde Kliniek Blaricum,Milani B.V. , Hamdorff, Kika, Coppens, Vakantieparels,Vorst Media TV, The Reputationals, Van der Horst Osteopathie, Grand Café Gooiland, Renée Arnold Edelstenen, Fitness Industry, No Name, Designa Interieur en Architectuur, Leo Vos Tuinspecialist, Hof-Hoorneman Bankiers, Nyenrode Business University, Gooisch magazine, FitnessIndustry, Masia El Nur, Sitges, Masia Casa Nova, Sitges....ea